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fruit and smoothies in glass on a table OSU Extension Wood County is offering Eat Right by Each Bite -Virtual classes. This is the August schedule.
Register by clicking the link for each class that you would like to attend. OR email smith.11604@osu.edu to register.

  • August 12th – 12:00-12:45pm: Nutrition 101 
    In this workshop, we go to back to the basics of nutrition. We discuss macronutrients vs micronutrients and what they are, as well as their benefit in our diet. Additionally, we will discuss monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats as they compare to saturated fats and trans-fat.
    Register here: https://osu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJYtfuirqjojEtf0hzp_exf71X4voTnChGq7
  • August 19th – 12:00-12:45pm: Take Charge of your Diabetes 
    Diabetes is on the rise with 34.2 million Americans—just over 1 in 10—that have a diagnosis of diabetes. Learn about the Burden Diabetes has in the state of Ohio, what is driving this epidemic, as well as the types of Diabetes. This program will also discuss the complications of diabetes, signs and symptoms and strategies to use to help make sound meal planning decisions.
    Register here:  https://osu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUkcuqsqj0sHNbKvUJMqE7Nj6DTexMgg7lS
  • August 26th– 12:00-12:45pm: Smoothie Sensations for Summer 
    As a quick breakfast, a satisfying snack or drinkable dessert, smoothies can be very flavorful. Learn the benefits and limitations to smoothies, as well as tips to make a great smoothie at home. This presentation also includes recipes to try at home.
    Register here:  https://osu.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJUrdOGhpzwoGNBa68_WLCHDtjr7lcvc905G

be savvy with your spirits from 12 to 1230FCS Lunch and Learn Series: Restart Ohio, Back to Healthy- Be Savvy with your Spirits

Meeting Recording: https://osu.zoom.us/rec/share/2-klJq7Lq1xJQrff1kT1GaI4FIPFaaa82idMqPVbzhxic-va7Ds1fpDGg_0egvIo

salad with fruits and vegetables We invite you to enroll in our new virtual Eat Right by Each Bite program to receive 2 weekly text messages . These messages may also include a recipe or a link to other health related resources. This program also allows you to have virtual support from nutrition professionals Susan Zies and Shannon Smith. After receiving the text message or email-feel free to reply back with a question or comment and the message will come directly to us. This method allows us to continue with a two-way communication while we are working virtually and unable to offer any face to face classes for the next two months.

 Sign up by texting @dwd2020 to the number 81010 

81010 will be the phone number and @dwd2020 is the message.
** Your phone number will not be displayed to anyone. Texts can be stopped at anytime by texting @LEAVE and you will not receive future messages 

For those signing up via email, use the following link and sign up to receive bi-weekly emails https://www.remind.com/join/dwd2020

For assistance signing up, please contact Shannon Smith. Email smith.11604@osu.edu or call 419-819-3078. 

Katie Stechschulte shares a recipe for Vegeterian Tortilla Soup in the article,girl sitting outside holding soup  Teacher in the Kitchen. A great recipe made using pantry items, and cooks in one pot. The cost comes down to 57 cents per serving. Make the soup in bulk, and freeze for another day!


Shannon Smith shares a recipe for Energy Bites,4 people sitting outside holding food. as well as Fruit and Peanut Butter Wraps in the article Stay at Home Treats. These recipes are a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen by making these fun and healthy snacks.