Wood County is getting healthier through Dining with Diabetes

Diabetes costs Ohio $4.6 billion annually. According to 2015 state of Ohio data, more than 11.7% of Ohio adults have been diagnosed with diabetes — an increase of almost 37% since 2000. If these trends continue, 1 in 3 Ohioans will develop diabetes sometime in their lifetime. Those with diabetes lose an average of 10–15 years of potential life and can develop serious complications such as cardiovascular disease, blindness, kidney failure and non-traumatic lower extremity amputations.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of diabetes management, and Dining with Diabetes helps Ohioans manage their own or that of a family member’s diabetes through nutrition education. Participants learn to prepare healthy, well-balanced meals without compromising taste. Dining with Diabetes is a series of four classes conducted by Ohio State University Extension Family and Consumer Sciences and community health partners.

The Dining with Diabetes program includes:

  • Live cooking demonstrations
  • Menu planning
  • Diabetes management
  • Carbohydrate-counting
  • Insights on portion control
  • Label-reading
  • Taste testing healthy recipes 

Who would most benefit this program?
Anyone with concerns about diabetes or interested in controlling blood sugar, as well as a family member, friend, caregiver, or other support person.  

Want more information?
Contact Shannon Smith at smith.11604@osu.edu or 419-819-3078 for more information on the Dining with Diabetes series. 


Dates to be determined for Dining with Diabetes in 2021!

Dining with Diabetes is a cooking school and nutrition education program designed for people with diabetes and their family members or caregivers. In a series of four classes, we will discuss diabetes friendly recipes to help you learn healthy techniques to use in your own kitchen. The program includes recipes to try at home and discussion with a dietitian and certified diabetes educator. Learn new skills to manage your diabetes or help someone you know manage theirs.


Dining with Diabetes Online Class

Do you, or a loved one, suffer from diabetes? Educators and researchers at OSU Extension, Family and Consumer Sciences have developed a free online course to help participants learn about managing diabetes called Dining with Diabetes: Beyond the Kitchen. The easy-to-follow online class can be done at a participants own pace and includes lessons, videos, and activities about carbohydrates, fats, sodium, vitamins, minerals and fiber. Participants can expect to learn:

  • How important blood sugar and carbohydrates are for managing diabetes.
  • How fats and sodium affect a healthy diet.
  • The role vitamins, minerals and fiber play in a healthy diet.
  • How to make healthy food choices when eating out and grocery shopping.

Sign up is easy and free! Visit go.osu.edu/dwd-btk  to enroll. For questions or assistance, contact Shannon Smith, smith.11604@osu.edu or 419-819-3078.