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Livestock Project Record Inserts for Download
Livestock Project Record Insert (Beef, Swine, Goats, Sheep, Diary)
Poultry Project Record Insert
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General Livestock
Requirements of Livestock Projects for Exhibition in Ohio Fairs 
Review of the 10 Good Production Practices for Quality Assurance
General Livestock Resources - OSU Extension
*All Junior Fair market livestock, market fowl and market poultry exhibitors, and lactating dairy and goat animal exhibitors must participate in a scheduled Quality Assurance training meeting to be eligible to show at the Wood County Fair.  (Livestock exhibitors to include market steer, market heifer, market hog, market lamb, market goat, market turkey, market rabbit, meat chicken (broiler), market ducks, market geese, lactating cows, and lactating goats).  More details will be coming soon.

Jr. Fair Livestock Entries
Wood County Junior Fair Livestock Entry Information Help Sheet
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Beef Skill-A-Thon Study Guide

Dairy Cattle
Dairy Resources - OSU Extension 
Dairy Skill-A-Thon Study Guide

Goats Skill-A-Thon Study Guide

Wood County 4-H Horse webpage
Wood County Fair Horse information 
Horse Resources - OSU Extension 

Poultry Resources - OSU Extension 
Poultry Handbook - Ross County 
Poultry Skill-A-Thon Study Guide

Rabbit Resources - OSU Extension 
Rabbit Skill-A-Thon Study Guide
Rabbit Handling and Showmanship Hints

Sheep Care Information  - OSU Extension 
Sheep Skill-A-Thon Study Guide

Hog ID Forms 
Important Wood County Jr. Fair Swine Show Information
Pork Quality Assurance for Ohio State Fair 
Swine Skill-A-Thon Study Guide

Quality Assurance Information for Instructors
Wood County Quality Assurance Assistant Trainers
Assuring Quality Care for Animals - Power Point Presentation   
Member Packet 
QA Outline for Assistant Trainers 
Review of 10 GPP's 
Vet/Client/Patient Relationship GPP 1
Acceptable or Unacceptable GPP 1
GPP Scenarios 

Wood County Junior Fair Livestock Sale Information and Forms
Wood County Junior Fair Livestock Sale Information
Ohio State Fair Livestock Information
Project Enrollment Information for Ohio State Fair Livestock Entries