When is my project judged?  What should I wear?
4-H Judging Dates and Dress Code

Schedule for judgings by clubs:

Judging Assignments for Non-Livestock Projects
Map of Non-Livestock Judging Day 

Specific information and judging requirements
Below you will find 4-H project information, judging requirements, and guidelines specific to Wood County 4-H.

*Companion Animals
*Clothing & Textiles
*Food and Nutrition
***Nutrition Portfolio Requirements
*Discovering 4-H
*Athletics, First Aid, & Health
*Canning & Freezing, Gardening & Lawn Care
*Home Living
*Leadership and Citizenship
*Money Management
*Natural Resources, Forestry, Trapping, Fishing, Gun Safety, Archery, Beekeeping,
     -Insects & Rope

*Engineering and Food Science (ATV)
*Self Determined
*Shooting Sports
*Small Engines
*Vet Science
*Woodworking and Welding
*Writing, Creative Arts and Quilting (My Favorite Things)

There are several projects that have been written by Wood County 4-H Volunteers and we are proud to introduce new ones again this year.  These projects do not include State Fair participation and will not be found in the Ohio 4-H Family Guide or on the Project Central Website.  These projects are exceptionally well done and we encourage you to try them all.  Please look for project descriptions and judging requirements in the appropriate above sections.

*Make a Bag I & II
*Mmmmm Cookies!
*Mmmmm Sugar Cookies!
*Upcycle - Clothing Project
*Easy as Pie!

Check out Ohio 4-H Project Central to see samples of project books and rate the books you have taken in the past.  

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