Project Guideline Sheets

4-H Cloverline

4-H Judging Dates, Dress Code and Grading System

Below you will find 4-H project information, judging requirements, and guidelines specific to Wood County 4-H. 

New in 2024

186 Gymkhana
187 Roping
179R Uniform Rules for 4-H Horse Shows (Revised)

Companion Animals/Rabbits/Dogs
210 Assistance Animals in Action
*201R Dog Resource Handbook (Revised)
*228R Rabbit Resource Handbook (Revised)
*Available for purchase

Healthy Living
356 Relationships 101

About 4-H
91 Discovering 4-H
92 4-H Around the Globe

Companion Animals and Rabbits
200 All About Dogs
201 Dog Project and Record Book
215 Cavy Projects
216 Purr-fect Pals, Level 1
217 Climbing Up, Level 2
218 Leaping Forward, Level 3
220 Pocket Pets
227 Pet Rabbits

173 Horseless Horse
All other horse projects

Veterinary Science
244 From Airedales to Zebras
Vet. Science Level 1

245 All Systems Go!
Vet. Science Level 2

246 On The Cutting Edge
Vet. Science Level 3

Healthy Living
300 You're The Athlete
351 Staying Healthy
353 First Aid In Action
354 Medicine Science And Safety
355 Tracking Your Health And Fitness
357 Alcohol And Drug Abuse
358 The Truth About Tobacco
359 Your Thoughts Matter
360 Your Feelings Matter
434 Superhero You

Self Determined Projects
If you're a 4-H member with a great project idea of your own or someone who is ready to go beyond a current project book, consider doing a self-determined project. Use the Self-Determined Project Guide to describe your project, set goals, and record your activities.
Not sure what topic to explore? You can get some great ideas by reviewing the Idea Starters on the Ohio 4-H Self-Determined Webpage. Don't forget, every idea starter must be used with the Self-Determined Project Guide.
365 - *Self Determined 
*This guideline sheet is for General Self Determined projects YOU choose and the specific General Idea Starters listed on the Ohio 4-H Self-Determined Webpage.
Specific Idea Starters are listed on the Ohio 4-H Self-Determined Webpage for the following guideline sheets:
365.01 - Self Determined - Companion Animal
365.02 - Self Determined - Creative Arts
365.03 - Self Determined - Family Life 
365.04 - Self Determined - Natural Resources
365.05 - Self Determined - Quilt
365.06 - Self Determined - Workforce Prep

Workforce Preparation
382 Am I Ready For Work?
387 Here, There, Ag Careers are Everywhere

Leadership And Citizenship
370 Mentoring Leadership In Action
371 Club Leadership 1
372 Diversity - The Source Of Our Strength
373 My Hands To Larger Service
374 Teens On Board
375 Leadership Road Trip - Where Are You Going?
376 Pantry Panic
378M Leadership Master
383 Club Leadership 2

377 Finding Your Voice - Public Speaking Made Easy

Workforce Preparation
#382 Am I Ready For Work
#386 You're Hired!
#387 Here, There, Ag Careers Are Everywhere

442 Family History Treasure Hunt

Home Living
405 The Laundry Project
491 It's My Home
494 Makeover My Space
495 Your First Home Away From Home

Money Management
445 Becoming Money Wise
448 Teens..On the Road to Financial Success

Creative and Leisure Arts
492 Cake Decorating
496 My Favorite Things
497 Scrapbooking
499 You Can Quilt!
498 Quilting the Best Better
592 Get Started in Art
593 Graphic Design

Food Science/Chemistry/ Physics
490 Science Fun with Dairy Foods
493 Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry
500 Science Fun with Physics

Aerospace Science
501     Rockets Away (2-liter bottle)
502     Science Fun with Flight
503     Rockets Away (Solid-Fuel Model Rockets)
503M  Solid-Fuel Rocketry Master

509 Robotics Essentials
512M Robotics Master

527  Magic of Electricity, Level 1
528  Investigating Electricity, Level 2
531  Science Fun with Electricity

550  Young Engineers in Solar Energy

517  Bicycling for Fun, Level 1
518  Wheels in Motion, Level 2

540  Not Just Knots

Small Engines
541  Crank It Up, Small Engines 1
542  Warm It Up, Small Engines 2
543  Tune It Up, Small Engines 3
544 Ready, Set, Mow

Tractor and Machinery Operation
551  Starting Up: Getting to Know Your Tractor, Level A
552  Tractor Operations: Gearing Up for Safety, Level B
553  Moving Out: Learning About Tractor & Farm Machinery, Level C
554  Learning More: Learning About Agri.Tractors & Equipment, Level D

All-Terrain Vehicles
555  ATV Safety

573  Arcs and Sparks

#556  Measuring Up, Level 1
#557  Making the Cut, Level 2
#558  Nailing It Together, Level 3
#559  Finishing Up, Level 4
#560M  Woodworking Master

#584  Photography Basics, Book 1
#585  Next Level Photography, Bk 2
#586  Mastering Photography, Bk 3
#589M Photography Master

Natural Resources
#611  Explore the Outdoors
#612 Geology: Can You Dig It?
#613  Exploring Polar Science
#617  Exploring Ponds
#620  Why Trees Matter
#621  Ohio Birds
#622  Trapping Maskrats in Ohio
#623  Outdoor Adventurer: Beginning Fishing
#624  Outdoor Adventurer: Intermediate Fishing
#641  Beekeeping Project
#644  Insect Adventures 1
#645  Insect Adventures 2
#646  Insect Adventures 3

Shooting Sports
#630  Safe Use of Guns
#631  Basic Archery

#588  The Writer in You

Gardening and Plant Science
#670  Canning and Freezing
#671  How Does Your Garden Grow?
#673  Edible Landscapes
#691  Grow Your Own Vegetables
#692  Growing with the Seasons

4-H Pet Pals
#230GPM  4-H Pet Pals Project & Record Book

Shooting Sports
All Shooting Sports Project Guide Sheet
#750  Rifle
#751  Archery
#752  Shotgun
#753  Pistol
#754  Hunting/Wildlife
#755  Muzzleloader
#756  Living History
#757 Crossbow
#758  Western Heritage Project

*Clothing & Textiles

Food and Nutrition
#459 Let's Start Cooking
#481 Everyday Food and Fitness
#484 Snack Attack
#487 Take a Break for Breakfast
#461 Let's Bake Quick Breads
#463 Sports Nutrition: Ready, Set, Go
#472 Grill Master
#475 Star Spangled Foods
#477 Party Planner
#485 Racing the Clock to Awesome Meals
#462 Yeast Breads on the Rise
#467 Cooking on My Own
#469 Global Gourmet
#474 Beyond the Grill
#476 Kitchen Boss

*Refer to the Wood County Fair Webpage for updated information

Livestock Record Book - Market
Livestock Record Book - Breeding

There are several projects that have been written by Wood County 4-H Volunteers.  These projects do not include State Fair participation and will not be found in the Ohio 4-H Family Guide or on the Project Central Website.  These projects are exceptionally well done and we encourage you to try them all.  Please look for project descriptions and judging requirements in the appropriate above sections.

*Make a Bag I & II - (In Clothing Section)
*Mmmmm Cookies!
*Mmmmm Sugar Cookies!
*Upcycle - Clothing Project - (In Clothing Section)
*Easy as Pie!

4-H Judging Dates, Dress Code and Grading System