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Wood County 4-H Honor Court
Honor Court Information 
Honor Court Application - PDF
Honor Court Application - Fillable PDF

2022 4-H Teen Opportunities 
Teen Opportunities Application - Fillable PDF
Teen Opportunities Application - PDF
Camps and Trips
Awards and Scholarships

Teen Opportunities - Awards and Scholarships
Ohio 4-H Achievement Record Application and Information 
Ohio 4-H And State Fair Scholarship Information

Camp Counselor Application
Camp Counselor Application Link
Reference Form for Camp Counselor Applicants - Fillable PDF
Reference Form for Camp Counselor Applicants - PDF

4-H Leadership Board
Leadership Board is back!  We will be helping with judgings and the milkshake barn this summer!  Our organizational meeting is held in October, we are looking forward to a fun-filled upcoming year.  

Interested in building your resume to become a 4-H Camp Counselor, 4-H Ambassador or learn more about county and state 4-H opportunities?  The 4-H Leadership Board is where you need to start!  This excited and energetic group meets throughout the year and participates in service learning projects, team building and celebrates the holidays with a special meal and program.  All 4-H members who are eligible to be members will be notified by email of each meeting.  We also have text messaging available.  If you are a 7th grader or older mark your calendars (visit the 4-H calendar page) today to attend the 4-H Leadership Board!