1. Ohio Farm Custom Rates - July 2022

    Jul. 19, 2022

    The Ohio Farm Custom Rates for 2022 are available on our website:
    Current Cropland Values & Cash Rent 

  2. Northwest Ohio Agriculture and Natural Resources Newsletter

    May. 27, 2022

    The Northwest Ohio Agriculture and Natural Resources Newsletter has been posted to our website. Learn more about Agronomy, Soil Health, Nutrient Management, and Water Quality. Click here to learn more.

  3. ServSafe Training

    Feb. 23, 2022

    ServSafe Training programs have become the industry standard in food-safety training.  The program is accepted in almost all United States jurisdictions that require employee certification. For more detailed information about ServSafe Training at the Wood County Extension Office click on the ServSafe link below or call us at 419-819-3073.

    ServSafe Training Information

  4. Download The Wood County 4-H App

    May. 03, 2021

    Have you downloaded the 4-H App? Stay up to date on 4-H information, events, and social media postings.  Download today to have Wood County 4-H at your fingertips!

  5. Healthy choices: Changing up chicken

    Apr. 28, 2021

  6. Exploring power of the purple Smoothie: Quick breakfast or drinkable dessert

    Mar. 04, 2021

  7. Special Thanks to the Wood County Commissioners

    Feb. 15, 2017

    We gratefully acknowledge the continued support of our local County Commissioners, Dr. Theodore H. Bowlus, Doris Herringshaw, and Craig LaHote.